Evaluating IDEs for scientific Python

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* Last updated May 27th, 2013 *

Python is a general purpose scripting language that can be used for statistical analysis, numeric work, machine learning, etc. With packages like SciPy, matplotlib, CUDAmat/gnumpy,Theano, and Scikit, it’s a worthy, free competitor to Matlab.

Of course, Matlab is more than its scripting language; it’s an integrated development environment (IDE) which combines editing, execution, plotting, debugging, etc. Here I evaluate 4 IDEs for scientific Python on my Ubuntu 11.10 PC to see how they stack up to Matlab:

  • IEP 3.2
  • Spyder 2.2
  • PyDev 2.7 + ipython
  • Enthought Canopy 1.0 (commercial)

Generally, these IDEs combine a text editor, an integrated python shell (python or ipython), support for interactive plotting via matplotlib as well as several other features to tie everything together.

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